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Our company believes in the highest integrity and design.

Our focus is on fine Italian craftmanship, handed down from generation to generation and melds old traditions with modern technology. We help our customers to create the environment in which they dream of living. Roma Stone is geared to luxury living spaces. The owner and artisan Giulio Crivelli works each project personally from beginning to end with his team to ensure that our reputation continues in this tradition.

We are specialized in fine craftmanship, using unique new techniques and old school hand floating.  

We work with private customers, interior designers, general contractors, builders, and architects.

We specialize in working with granite, marble, travertine, limestone, mosaic, high end porcelain, all natural stone, including innovation materials.

Biography of Giulio Crivelli

I was born and raised in Rome, Italy. I have always had a great love for art and engineering, and I decided to follow my passion and graduated in art school in Italy. Precision, beauty, and appreciation for all the beautiful architecture and stone works throughout Europe inspired me. I had such a passion for beautiful stonework that I began my career as a stone and tile setter.


I had all ways a strong desire to come to America as well because my father was a great inspiration for me, to come and visit America. After a month in California, I met my wife, so I moved to California (Orange County) in 2004. I started working with an Italian tile and natural stone master to gain more experience in the USA in the building construction.

A couple of years later I decided to open my own Company, Roma Stone.  

I enjoy working with Architects, Interior designers and working on special projects.

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