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Carrara based Lightweight Marble Design for luxurious Bathrooms and Homes.
Bathtub / Sinks / Shower Trays

Made in Italy
Contact Our Sale Representative in USA Giulio Crivelli for any questions regarding custom products, design and prices.
Our Headquarter is Italy.

Luxurious Marble Bathtub
Hydra marble bathtub_edited.png
Bathtub - LIRA
Marble Bathtub - Hydra
Nuvola Sink.png
Marble Sink - Nuvola
Marble Bathtub - Nuvola
Onda Bathtub.png
Marble Bathtub - Onda
Onda Sink.png
Marble Sink - Onda
Cratere Bathtub.png
Onda Shower Tray.png
Marble Shower Bottom - Onda
Cratere Sink.png
Marble Sink - Cratere
Marble Bathtub - Cratere
Dune Sink.png
Marble Sink - Dune
Quadra Sink.png
Marble Sink - Quadra
Loto Sink.png
Marble Sink - Loto
Fiume Shower Tray.png
Marble Shower Bottom - Fiume
Vola Sink.png
Marble  Sink _ Vola
Goccia Sink.png
Marble Sink - Goccia
Alma Sink.png
Marble Sink - Alma
Quadra Shower Tray.png
Marble Shower Bottom - Quadra
Quadra Pool Table_edited.jpg
Marble Pool Table - Quadra
Fiorentino Pool Table.png
Marble Pool Table - Fiorentino
Marble Pool Table - Astor
Marble Pool Table Diamante
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